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About EatinTLV

When travelling to a new city, we want to know as much as possible about the city to maximize the experience and avoid the mistakes every tourist makes.

We all been in a situation when reading a good restaurant review and getting disappointed from the total experience in the place, it can be the food, the service, volume of music etc. however the outcome is the same, we can rely only on our fellow travellers opinion as they are not corrupted with any interest.

EatinTLV focuses only on food and drinks, it will help you sort out the best places from the vast possibilities available in Tel-aviv in the culinary scene.

Getting around a new place is hard and it is subjective to your personal taste and budget possibilities, this is exactly where we come in hand, we will introduce you to the exact section you were looking for minimizing your error field.

If you’re into pricy restaurant in a certain area or you would like a cheap street food in another neighbourhood of the city we are here for you, and with a simple search you will find your best choice.

Sociale community

We are one big community so it’s important for our editorial staff to hear all about your experience and rate the place you’ve visited in order for future travellers to enjoy as much as you did or avoid a place which didn’t meet your expectations.

Weather its private dining, coffee shop or a family restaurant we are here for you, we would love to give you recommendations and its important that you know we are reading everything and willing to assist whatever’s needed, so feel free to contact us in any matter or issue.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy Tel-aviv which is one of the most diverse and fascinating cities in the world when it comes to food (not only food…). This city is holding influences from various sources of cultures having an international population coming to this city from all over the world and if you think you’ve seen it all, let us surprise you and show you a new experience.

Enjoy this great city, take photos and participate in our social discussion

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